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Abiathar House Love Story

  • In response to the Kenya crisis created by the 2007-8 general election, Pastor Jaher’s heart was filled with compassion as he found destitute abandoned children begging for food on the streets.

  • The charity began quite small in 2012 with just 14 children

  • The house has since grown as more children are added to the numbers because of the loss of their parents to HIV/AIDS

  • In 2015 Pastor Henry Hammond travelled from the United Kingdom to Kenya to visit the Abiathar House.

  • As of 2017 we care for 42 beautiful children providing food, accommodation, clothing and exam fees.

  • We are praying to YHWH to send generous givers to bless the work of our hands

Watch an interview with the

FOUNDER of the orphanage

              Pastor Jaher

Taken in 2015 – Pastor Henry Hammond & Pastor Jaher (centre back) standing in front of the girls dormitory with our children

As names would have it…


Abiathar means ‘father of plenty’


Abraham was a ‘father of many’


Hadassah was an orphan who saved a nation


… these are the three ambassadors of Abiathar House





Discover why “Abiathar” —here. 


For more pictures of  the 2015 Kenya trip visit our blog.

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