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Published by Hadassah on June 23, 2017

Why orphans? by Hadassah


2011 Thusong Clinic in Kagiso South Africa

In the early hours for the African morning, just as the sun is beginning to rise, the village clinic is opening and streams of people make their way into the clinic’s hall. We all group together, with the medical staff on the circumference of the hall. There must be about 150 patients per session waiting for anti-retroviral treatment. We break the morning silence by singing praises in various African languages.

Thereafter, one by one, each patient will enter into my office, where I will offer them counselling on the different types of medication. Each patient is an opportunity to impact a life in a positive way. In my day to day workings, I would often see orphaned children, where both parents had succumbed to the disease of AIDS. These children not only had to deal with very complex ongoing treatment regimes but also the emotional burden of dealing with the only inheritance they had left behind from their deceased parents – HIV. Working with such children started the quiet yearning in my spirit to help these children, it filled me with compassion to observe their sufferings. YHWH moved in me to give me a unique love of orphaned children.

I have been in the ministry for many years now, in 2017 I began to work for CAOGIC. I am one of the founding ambassadors for Abiathar House, my name is Hadassah & my passion is to become a mother of many. My goals include raising awareness on behalf of the children as well as providing a better life for them.

If you would like to contribute to a wonderful cause, kindly get in touch with me.



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