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UK Born Ghanaian Evangelist, I am a Servant of Jesus Christ and I have dedicated my life to serving God through Christ

Every day I thank God for His Glory, for many times in my life He has shown me how Great He Is, God Is Good, I went through a severe accident and God pulled me through, there is nothing that God Cannot do

I will always share the Word Of God with everyone because Our Salvation Is In The Word Of God

I am also a Human Rights Activist and also Pray for a Better Africa

Core Believer of freedom. In the philosophy of politics, the idea of freedom comes up often. Most people say they support most types of freedom. Of course, the word freedom has little meaning if we do not have a common definition.

Freedom starts with a principle of self-control, also known as self-ownership. In a free society, each and every person has legal control (or "ownership") of their own body and mind. As such, the concept of freedom refers to a certain type of political empowerment. It refers specifically to equal empowerment. In other words, a free society is one with an equal distribution of legal rights and in which each and every person has as many legal rights as possible.

Because freedom entails political equality, freedom can only logically entail as much legal rights as compatible with the same legal rights in others. In a free society, any one person cannot have so many legal rights that all other people could not logically have the same amount of legal rights.


Freedom does not include the legal right to enslave someone else because freedom includes the legal right to not be enslaved.

Theoretically, freedom is not that complex of an ideal. But putting theoretical ideals into practice becomes much more difficult; the black-and-whiteness of ideals becomes muddled with the various gray hues of practice's complexity. I still love freedom, and I adamantly support full-fledged freedom. No matter how you feel about freedom now, I recommend you consider supporting freedom even more. And I beg you to stubbornly resist those who suggest placing limitations on freedom. 




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