We aim to serve the people of Crawley, West Sussex, and Great Britain as well as entire world through its network of around 5 local Churches (Ghana and Kenya). These Churches may vary in style and size, but all are committed to connecting people to Jesus Christ through a variety of ministries.

Many have comprehensive children’s, young adult’s ministries as well as teaching, training and community ministries.

As a movement, we want to “Give every man, woman and child the opportunity of understanding the gospel and to provide a church where they can grow in ministry for the glory of God”

We are committed to reaching through to people of all ages and from all walks of life including those who are often marginalised by the society like young offenders, prostitutes, homeless, elderly, disabled as well as orphans. We again believe in showing God’s Love to people in practical ways, whether by food supplied (Sandwiches etc) for anyone in desperate need, or unpaid debt counselling and rehabilitation centres and even clothing them.

In conclusion, we also help those in our local communities, and we are passionate about issues that affect our whole world, for example-sex trafficking, poverty, injustice and child slavery. We also provide several short-term mission opportunities supporting and developing projects overseas, and eager to get to all Africa continent, all of which aim is to demonstrate God’s Love for His people.

Crawley Assemblies of God International Church (CAOGIC) is a Christian Ministry devoted to preaching CHRIST. We are passionate about the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST who came, so that all may find life through his BLOOD!

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JESUS CHRIST is the Alpha and Omega!
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