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(Children’s Church Leader)


Who best represents you in the bible and why?


I love caring and seeing to the needs of others especially in the ministry as Martha, the sister of Mary and Lazarus. The characteristics and/or nature of Martha best describes me as I enjoy providing services to others, for example; welcoming people into my home, providing with accommodation and taking care of all their basic needs. All these services are done willingly, joyfully and out of my heart. I also enjoy sitting at the feet of other believers listening to the word of God.

What are you passionate about?


I am passionate about teaching and learning with the children in the ministry. Teaching and sharing the word of god with children gives me the sense of fulfillment and joy. Jesus said we should not hinder the children from coming to him for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like children. This gives me the opportunity to humble myself and the desire to know the word of god and more.

My passion for knowing Christ grows higher and deeper by the day. I desire to live a fearless life like the disciples and have a very close relationship with Christ where nothing can separate us.

I also have a passion for the ministry to God through singing. I want God to use me even more to do signs and wonders and deliver his people through me and singing.


What is your Testimony?


Looking back from where I first became a believer or born-again, I can confidently say that I have improved in terms of prayers and evangelizing. I never knew or understood the word of God the way I do now. God has given me spiritual understanding, knowledge and wisdom. I have also grown spiritually. This is my testimony.


How long have you been in the ministry?


I have been in this ministry ever since I was born; I was born into it and have grown in it.

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