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We pray that each devotional will bear fruit where it is planted.


We pray deliverance comes from meditating on the WORD!


We pray that the HOLY SPIRIT lead you into all truth and revelation in the WORD!


We pray for spontaneous healing, as you wash your mind with the WORD!


We pray for TOTAL victory as we believe on the WORD!


We pray that the enemy flees in JESUS NAME (Yeshua’s name), as we drive them out using HIS WORD.




Click on the links below to access our weekly devotionals:


Week 3 May 2017 – The Good Life by Pastor Hammond 


Week 4 May 2017 – Your True Value by Pastor Hammond


Week 1 June 2017 Where sinners go by Pastor Hammond


Week 2 June 2017 Identity in Christ by Pastor Hammond 


Week 3 June 2017 The Helper is in You by Pastor Hammond


Week 4 June 2017


Week 1 July 2017


Week 2 July 2017


Week 3 July 2017


Week 4 July 2017

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